the works of justin edmund

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Strange Attractors

Strange Attractors Graphic Design

There is chaos in everything around us.

Chaos Theory is a concept that many people are familiar with, but few actually understand. Strange Attractors is a 36-page book that helps people understand its underlying concepts by introducing them with beautiful, chaotically-generated visuals.

From relatively common ideas like fractals, to the popular Mandelbrot Set, and even lesser-known equations such as deJong Attractors, this book tries to introduce the viewer to a wide variety of chaotic terms and functions through their visual output. The goal is to enable the user to literally see the beauty of chaos theory in order to begin to appreciate it as a scientific concept, but also a generator of art.

Roughly half of the imagery in Strange Attractors was generated using various Processing sketches that I either wrote or found on OpenProcessing and modified for the purposes of the book. Strange Attractors was created under the guidance of Prof. Dan Boyarski and Prof. Dylan Vitone.